Chateau de Versailles

The White Fox Pictures team has been working on several projects for the Chateau de Versailles content teams. We are producing two main kind of content for the Chateau, content for the general public (the Chateau’s communication), and content for educational purposes (for high schools around the country).

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    Etablissement public du Chateau de Versailles

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    Emmanuel Rondeau

Exhibition trailer and short documentary

Trailer are both for web and movie theaters and short documentary are educational content.

Famous figures of Versailles

Our aim in this series of films was to portrait the most notorious character of Versailles through a short and dynamic motion design.

10 Paintings

Our aim in this series of films was to help students to get a sense of the construction of the Republic of France during the 19th century through a travel in 10 fascinating paintings. We created the series completely in motion design, putting all paintings into virtual exhibit.