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6 x 26" Documentary series READ MORE In development BECOMING THE KING 52" blue chip documentary about Jaguars in the Pantanal READ MORE In production An 8 minutes film for Rewilding Europe and WWF In the catalog READ MORE OUR EUROPE 90 minutes feature film about an incredible change coming to Europe READ MORE In development

Welcome to White Fox Pictures

White Fox Pictures is a multi-award winning Production Company based in Gresse-en-Vercors (French Alps).
Our mission couldn't be clearer: inspiring people to care about our planet.

Virtual Reality

We develop cutting edge virtual reality contents allowing the audience to dive into other worlds and feel new kind of emotions in images.


We are writing and shooting documentaries for TV (26′, 52′, 90′) and Internet (short series) with a focus on Natural, Scientific and Historical discoveries and adventures.

Digital campaign

We are assisting private and public organisations into the creation of their digital and innovative campaigns.


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The Foxes

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.


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With a special focus on subjects linked to Nature, Science and History, we are telling surprising stories captivating the audience. Our recent projects took us from the Russian Far East looking for tigers to planet Venus with an incredible team of planetologist. Fascinated by all the different kind of storytelling imaginable today, we are working both on traditional TV formats (90',52',26') and on new interactive narratives for Internet browsers and mobile devices.



When stories and technologies meet. As ways of consuming stories evolve, we strongly believe that ways of writing and producing content also need to change. Always keeping in mind both the story and how the audience is using the digital world, we design innovative and interactive content.

Web Documentaries

With a linear or non-linear scenario, we are using tools to create interactive sequences and documentaries playable on the web and on mobile devices.

Mobile App

Mobile applications are a way to put our stories in the backpack or pocket of the audience but also to use technologies only available on those devices to create unique experiences.

Social websites

Sometime the best idea is to create the totem where the community around your theme or story are going to meet and exchange.

International partner

We are working in co-production or partnership with companies located next door or at the other end of the world, looking for the best stories.

  • The film produced on our park is outstanding, and perfectly matches our needs and the expectations of the audience.

    Gilles Perron, Director of the Pyrenees National Park
    • The film White Fox Pictues made on our latest international event went beyond our expectations and the team were really reactive.

      Laure Gudgel, Head of communications at IMAGINOVE
      • The White Fox Pictures team really paid attention to all our remarks and adjustments we gave them. This collaboration was a real pleasure.

        Joseph Canerot, member of the scientific board of Pyrenees National Park
      • Collaborating with White Fox Pictures gave us an immense satisfaction. The agenda was perfectly managed and the result is great.

        Yannick Barascud, Head of PR at Natural Park of the Pyrenees

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