Rewilding Europe

3 minutes official trailer of the Rewilding Europe NGO

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    Rewilding Europe


    Emmanuel Rondeau




    3 minutes


Qu’est-ce que Rewiding Europe et que font-ils ? Pour le dire simplement, Rewilding Europe travailler à rendre l’Europe plus sauvage qu’elle ne l’est actuellement, en  donnant plus de place à la vie sauvage, aux étendues sauvages, et aux processus naturels, tout ceci pour que l’Homme et la Nature en profite ensemble.

White Fox Pictures a géré la production du film officiel promotionnel de l’ONG en tournant dans 4 décors différentes (Croatie, Roumanie, Portugal et Suède).


What is Rewilding Europe and what are they up to? To put it simply, Rewilding Europe is working to make Europe a much wilder place. A continent that allows for much more space for wildlife, wild nature and natural processes because this is good for man and nature alike.

White Fox Pictures managed the production of this trailer including 4 different locations (Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Sweden).

Making of for our partner : Canon France

The film was made with technical and financial help from Canon France and entirely shot with CANON EOS 1D-X Mark II body and Canon L lenses.

"Wild nature is recognised as an important and fundamental part of Europe’s natural and cultural heritage and is an essential element of a modern, prosperous, and healthy European society"

Frans Schepers, Managing Director of Rewilding Europe